Children Services
  • Assessment and diagnosis of communication difficulties
  • Individualised therapy

Why do we assess?
  • To determine a diagnosis
  • To determine eligibility/ need for services
  • To establish a baseline - the current skill level
  • To develop goals for therapy
  • To measure and document therapy

What do we assess?
  • Comprehension and Expression
  • Spoken, written, gestural and use of AAC systems
  • The content of language: vocabulary (word knowledge) and semantics (system of meanings)
  • The form of language: syntax (rules of sentence formation), morphology (rules of word formation e.g. runned vs ran), phonology (the sound system)
  • The use of language: pragmatics (social language and social skills)
  • Collateral areas: voice, fluency, social, emotional and behavioural functioning, motor speech and oral motor functioning.

How do we assess?
  • Norm-referenced assessment tools - compare scores to peer group
  • Criterion-referenced assessment tools - measures whether a skill is present or absent
  • Interviewing
  • Behavioural Observation - to determine specific assessment and view child's performance in natural context
  • Language samples - eliciting a sample of the child's best conversational speech


making the right sounds
understanding and using words and sentences
Fluency (Stuttering)
the smooth rhythm of speaking
production of sound from the voice box 
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