What is a Speech Pathologist?
    A Speech Pathologist is an allied health professional who assesses, diagnoses and treats children and adults who have communication and swallowing difficulties.

    Communication difficulties:
    Communication – the process of being able to understand and to be understood – is something most of us take for granted. Communication difficulties are the result of problems with:
    • speech - combining sounds into meaningful words and sentences,
    • language - using and understanding language (e.g. following instructions and expressing words and sentences, using facial expression and gestures),
    • voice - the pitch, loudness and sound of voice (e.g. hoarse or nasal),
    • fluency - joining words into regular smooth speech pattern (e.g. stuttering),
    • hearing, reading and writing.
    One in seven Australians has some form of communication difficulty. This means that one in seven people has a problem understanding other people or being understood by people.
    People with a communication disorder experience problems when talking to relatives and friends, as well as to strangers.
    Communication difficulties have an immediate effect on individuals as well as their families, friends, teachers, and work mates.
    Kate Salmon Speech Pathology is dedicated to providing individual, tailored services to assist children, adolescents and adults address their communication needs.
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